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Let your friends set you up

On BlindMate you don't swipe for your own matches but leave that to your friends. Trust them, they know who's your type.

… and set up your friends!

Or are you currently in a relationship but want to help your single friends out?

Look, we're a little bit famous!

Tell me more, tell me more …

The Basics:
How do Matches work?

The idea is simple but somehow we struggle to explain it: Matches are created, when friends of two people think that the two would make a good match.
Your friends check out profiles of potential matches for you. When they think you'd like a person they match you. When the friends of that person like you, too, BlindMate creates a BlindChat for you.

So we created this horrible dating app where you can´t even swipe profiles. Also we’ve built this supercool app that makes your friends do the swiping for you while you lean back and get matches.
It’s the same app.
And actually you can swipe profiles, just not for yourself but only for your friends.

The thing about profiles …

When you sign up to BlindMate, you only set up basic info like name, location, age, images and search preference.
You leave the rest to your friends: They answer questions about you, and BlindMate calculates attributes for your profile. This way, we end up with honest and fun profiles.

On BlindMate there are 3 simple steps to create a profile all by yourself:
1. Sign up
2. Set up the basics
3. Let your friends do the rest because they know you much better anyways

What's a BlindChat?

At the very start, you only see your matches' name. The more you chat, the more of your profiles is revealed.
Bit by bit, BlindMate reveals random bits of your profiles to each other – more than enough to keep the conversation going.

Imagine you get a new match and you have to actually get to know each other. We know, superlame.
Trust us, you’ll love it. And after chatting for a while, you’ll see each other’s profile, and maybe it´s too late then and you already like each other.

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The Idea behind BlindMate

1. Somehow, dating apps are so …

The concept of dating-apps sure sounds nice:
Find hundreds of potential partners simply by swiping.
But for us the endless swiping started to feel dull after the initial excitement. Superficial profiles, a constant barrage of pickup lines, and chats that end nowhere don't really feel fulfilling.

2. Dating used to be more social

Above all, however, we missed the social interaction. Back in highschool we would constantly gossip about setting friends up with their crushes, and this social aspect is completely lost in dating apps.
Well, and that's the idea of BlindMate.
A Dating App that's less superficial and more social. Where one does not simply create the own profile and doesn't swipe for matches, but leaves all of that to one's best friends.

3. Your friends know you

Who do you talk to about your crush, your relationship, your type? They know you, and might sometimes even have a better idea of who would be a good partner for you.
Plus, when friends describe each other, the resulting profiles are much more entertaining.

4. BlindChats make it exciting

And finally, there are the matches: instead of swiping after a short glance at a few images, BlindMate puts you directly into a chat with your match. You know nothing about each other – except for one thing: friends on both sides think you make a good match.

The Crew behind BlindMate

We are four young friends from Berlin and Munich. One boring Tuesday morning we had the fantastic idea to start tinkering with a dating app that would bring people together.
That was back in 2016, and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But somehow BlindMate has turned into a half decent app.

Anna is a doctor. At some point, she was super annoyed by dating apps, so she motivated us to build a better one. She puts time and love in our texts.

Ben is a physicist. And is probably staring at a screen right now. As our developer, he's bringing our lovely variety of bugs to you (and spends his nights fixing them).

Laurenz is a design consultant. And our odd-job designer. And our user support. And our team manage. And because that's not enough, he continuously bugs Ben with ideas for new features.

Andi is social worker. He is also our newest member, however, he's somehow been around for years. He's responsible for making you chuckle with our texts.

Crowdsourced Algorithms

Honest and transparent

Your profile on BlindMate is created from your friends' answers about you. For that we've created the profile-algorithm which calculates your attributes from their answers.
For all of that to be as fair and unbiased as possible, we built the Crowdsourcer: A survey in which you, too, can help define the connections between answers and attributes by rating them.
get in touch to join the crowd

Your data is your data

Seriously, we're serious about privacy

What data is this about?

Running BlindMate creates a lot of Data. Some of it you entrust us with directly: Profile images, answers about friends, chat messages and so on.
However, whenever you use the app there's also a lot of less obvious data: For the app to work, we need to know what phone and what system version you are using. We need to keep track of dates and times to display chats in the right order. We need to record which profiles you've already seen so you don't come across them twice. And so on and so forth …
Ultimately, we end up with a ton of data from which we could most certainly draw some inferences about you.
But we don't.

What do we do with your data?

In short: only what's essential.
Obviously, we have to store and process your profile images and answers to show your profiles and chats.
All the other data we need for two purposes only: For the app to work (that's what we need to know your phone and software version for, for example), and to identify issues within the app. That's it.

Yeah, and we know that one can make a lot of money selling data. But we promise, as long as this sentence is here that's not happening. Sure, one day the day might come where we sell BlindMate to some company. In which case this text would probably disappear and a new privacy agreement would appear, starting with the headline "We care about your privacy", and nobody would read it …
But while we can avoid it that's not happening :).

If you want to support us to maintain our users' privacy, please have a look at our hacker policies.

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