Hacker policies

blindmate started as a hobby project and is now a community effort with the honest intention to make the dating world more social (no marketing bullshit). As we are a small team, we welcome any support that helps us to keep our systems safe and our users’ privacy uncompromised.


We’re not generating revenue as of today. This means that at the moment we cannot pay monetary rewards. In order to value the contribution of external security researchers, we offer to

(depending on your choice).


We welcome anything that helps to make our servers safe and maintain our users’ privacy. Of course this means that you may not compromise our user’s privacy or disclose security vulnerabilities without mutual agreement.
Please report any security vulnerabilities to team@blindmate.de. We will respond within a few days and will do our best to fix issues within two weeks.


All services listed below are considered as belonging to the core services of blindmate:

IP addresses in scope

Domains in scope

Apps in scope


The following issues are outside the scope of our program: