With a little Help from Your Friends

Lets go

Coming 2019

BlindMate is nearly ready to go, give us a few more months …

help your Friends and let your Friends help you

Bored by superficial dating apps?
So were we*.
So we built BlindMate.

BlindMate is a completely different dating app. You don't build a profile, you don't search for matches …
You don't but your friends do. With their help, BlindMate builds a profile for you that is honest. They also connect you with new people, so every new match will be a surprise for you.
And, of course, you are also there to help your friends.

* actually we we never used them before we startet building one ourselves, and what we found was very so-so …

How BlindMate actually works in detail is quite complex. And by by quite complex we mean really hard to explain. So:
A connects to B so that B can answer questions about A and A about B, the same happens between C and D, then, A starts searching for matches for B, finds C and suggests C as a match for B, and if D confirms this match, B and C get a BlindChat. Tadaaa.

Well, and that's not even any details.
Anyways – trust us – using BlindMate is incredibly intuitive, and that's all that matters, right?

Meet the Crew

What happens with your data?

What data are we talking about

I. Data you enter
to set up your profile you enter some basic data, which is stored by blindmate and can be seen by others.
II. Data Your friends enter
BlindMate is all about interacting with your friends. Your friends answer questions about you, their replies get stored by BlindMate and can be seen by others.
III. Usage Data
As a user you generate data by texting, scrolling, clicking and so on. We store that data to improve the app, and might use it to cater specific ads to you

What we do with this data

I. We don't sell it. Promised!
We like to keep things private, so don't worry about us handling our data all around the world. Who the hell would do something like that … (cough)
II. We don't give your data to anybody else. Ever.
Nothing more to say to that
III. Should you decide to leave we delete all of your data
… but, of course, we hope that you'll stay with us :-)

Good thing you ask
a) your data belongs to you
b) we are privacy nerds ourselves

So – let us put it like this – to run an app like this, we need to store quite some data – pictures, answers, texts, locations, and some usage data. We even link up with facebook to verify accounts.
However, we do all we can to keep your data, well, your data . We keep it safe, on our own servers in Germany, don't share it with anybody (also not with facebook or our advertisement partners).
There will always be traces of data which can be connected to you, but we ask you to trust us with that. We like our own privacy a lot, and we try to treat your privacy and data as if it were ours.
Important question – how do we make money without selling your data?
Answer one: we don't, which is sad.
Answer two: pay a few bucks for BlindMate Premium, and we are happy :-). Thank you :)

We are looking forward to see you in a bit ;-)

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